In loving memory

Dan “Harris” Prouty

We were gifted the pleasure of connecting with Dan this summer protesting the mistreatment of black and brown lives. Aside from Dan’s warm, goofy, and caring personality he was an LGBTQIA+ ally.

Dan was a friend, a comrade, a leader, and a charismatic person who fought passionately for the things he believed in. Dan stood for black lives, LGBTQIIA+, as well as women’s rights. Being a soldier of the front lines with the desire for freedom and justice for all he valiantly put his life on the line for those that he cared about. Dan sadly left us in November of 2020 due to a tragic battle with addiction. It is because of Dan’s engagement with addiction that we are dedicating an upcoming fund to him for LGBTQIA+ individuals with similar afflictions. 

The fund will be available soon, donations will be appreciated then.

Dan Rest In Power