Community Center Activities

Our drop in center offers a plethora of activities. We also hope to add in the near future services such as showers. Come get clothing from our clothing drive room (donated and new items). We also Plan to offer hot healthy meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Come relax , listen to music, read, watch tv, or play games. On different days during the week the center offers different activities and groups such as vogue classes, ballroom history, drag (makeup) classes. Movie nights and Game nights. We will soon also offer Gender Affirming and diverse sexual orientation groups.

Safe Haven Media Program

One of our MAIN Programs here at Safe Haven is our Media Arts Program. We support the creativity and unique minds of the people in our community. We offer the space where youth can come and produce music,short films, podcasts etc. From this concept “Realness Talent Agency and Magazine” was Born. We Plan to Produce a monthly Magazine featuring Local People in the community showing their talents, visions, community services and Much Much More. This Program is new and still under development. This is one way we hope to boost peoples confidence who wouldn’t normally consider modeling/acting etc.

Clothing Drive

Please Donate if you are a supporter so we can be able to give our Trans Brothers and Sisters Clothing items they cant afford that is needed to dismiss their body dysphoria such as:

  • Chest Binders
  • Bra’s
  • Packers
  • Women clothes/shoes
  • Men clothes/Shoes
  • Job interview Clothes

Free Haircuts

Twice a month a professional barber will come in and offer FREE haircuts to LGBTQ+ Youth, donations are strongly encouraged to support the barbers donation of free time to the community. (In donation add note if this is for a haircut)