Legacy Casanova, BLM and LGBTQ+ Activist

My name is Legacy Casanova. I’m a 24 year old Trans male living in Albany New York. Aside from being an inspiring Actor, My day to day functions for a few years now have been advocating for all black lives, especially LGBTQ+ individuals. I started this work my house mother London Jae Precise (“House of Precise”) after facing. homelessness myself. In 2017, i found myself and started living my life out as a trans male. Without family acceptance i went out on my own. I tried for weeks to get shelter from staying with family and strangers. No shelters would accept me. Albany DSS (local social services) told me that because i was transgender that they could not offer me assistance. I was so stressed on the verge of suicide and that is when i met London. 

London Jae Precise is the founder of House of Precise and Precise Nation. She offers housing when she has the space to LGBTQ+ individuals. I’ve been working with London to try and have a shelter up and running but its a lot of work. But when we work together we can make a mission happen.

I spent this last summer everyday at protests, riots, or organizing an BLM event/protest with my friends ; Dan Harris and Lukee Forbes. We spent nights talking about plans and goals for 2021. Unfortunately, we lost Dan unexpectedly recently in November. Lukee and I are going to continue on with our plans in his honor

Aside from Lukee Forbes being my Great friend and brother. He is also a big part of this project and can help this dream come to a reality. He pushed me to get my LLC and landlord license to start making this dream happen. Another big boost to make this dream an reality is that Lukee Forbes is running for Albany Mayor. Him being a business partner and also striving fot this position in our city is great. Our current Mayor knows about the communities that need help such as lgbtq and poc communites and continues to not make a change. Albany currently only majorly offer assistance to lgbtq individuals who are HIV positive. Non positive people cant really get help. SafeHaven is here to end the stigma regarding HIV/AIDS. Being positive is not a death sentce, and not every LGBTQ person is HIV positive. All LGBTQ individuals shold be able to get assistance and help where they are feel safe, comfortable and accepted.