SafeHaven LGBTQ+ Inc. Is a POC lead non-profit soon to be operating as a 24-hour shelter/Community Center for minors, youth, and adults. With intentional values rooted in Access, Community, Diversity, and Inclusion, SafeHaven provides Action-Oriented resources for all individuals needing support- regardless of race, age, status, or ethnicity. This is done with a focus of providing support and shelter for LGBTQ+ Black, Indigenous, and other Peoples of Color. With this focus SafeHaven can be integral and meticulous in assisting communities that have been historically marginalized. SafeHaven is determined to create a powerful sense of community while creating a space for youth to grow with the support and skills to be self-reliant and successful!

OUr Mission

Safe Haven LGBTQ+ Inc. was created to Provide a Safe engaging and Creative space through Creative arts such as Creative Writing, theater, music/media production for black and brown transmen/transwomen, and LGBTQ Youth/Young adults to help prevent depression(Suicide), addiction, hunger, homelessness, incarceration or death for Queer and Transgender POC sex workers.

Community Center Hours:

6am- 6pm


Our Values


Our Staff and leadership reflect both the values and hardships of the communities we serve, therefore hold the capacity to  recognize, and support those who face said trails and tribulations.


Here at Safe Haven, we focus sincerely on including everyone in the lgbtq community, creating a comfortable space for all


We wield a powerful moral compass here at Safe Haven. Honesty and principle are hold our core values together.


We believe that access is integral to the functionality of our facilities and that everyone should have the ability to access every feature we have to offer.


Our goals are meticulous in our intentions on assisting those who have been historically marginalized 


Here at Safe Haven we are determined to create a powerful sense of community in establishing a village space that takes care of everyone, allowing everyone to wish to take care of each other.


The youth are the keys to the future, we desire to give the space to grow and become the best possible people they can be.

Rating: 5 out of 5.



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Safe Haven’s Thanksgiving Drive

We are excited to announce that Safe Haven Will be Holding a Thanksgiving drive to feed at least 50 families this Holiday Season. We will be accepting box and can food donations such as vegetables, mashed potatoes, pasta, canned Desserts. We are taking Cash Donations to be able to Buy Turkeys, Ham’s and Fresh Vegetables on November 23rd. Dinner Baskets will be Available on November 24th. We will be Accepting Turkey/hen Donations on the 21st-22nd of November.

Use the QR Code above to Donate Directly to the Thanksgiving Drive. Every Donation is Greatly Appreciated


Please keep in mind that this is a fundraiser. Right Now we are operating off of Community Donations until we get grant/state funding. All of our services are FREE to the community so we appreciate Cash Donations to fund our many unique services. Don’t forget to bring cash to buy from local poc & queer small business vendors.